San Diego, part I: Fish Tacos

August 12, 2006

We just got back yesterday from a five-day vacation in San Diego. As soon as we raise $750,000 to buy a house, we are going to move there. The equity we have in our townhouse here in Tempe could probably get us a tricked out refrigerator box under a bridge in San Diego.

So, according to my wife Alex, besides the beach, the cool temperatures, the scenery, the laid back attitude, and altogether pleasant atmosphere in San Diego, one of the principal reasons to go there is to eat fish tacos. We sampled several different offerings of these piscine treats while we were there, and the best ones we had were found in a tourist restaurant on the boardwalk on Mission Bay called Guava Beach. They were just right: not-too-fishy mahi with sauce, slaw, all wrapped in TWO corn tortillas.

Here’s how you make a good fish taco:
1. Get the fish. If you have good fish like the had at Guava Beach, you just broil or grill it, or even pan sear it until it’s crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. If you don’t have good fish like the have on the coast, I think it’s better to bread and fry the fish.

2. Get the sauce. This is the difference between an ok taco and a delicious taco. The sauce should be made of sour cream mixed with chipotles in adobo. Just mayo is ok, but not great. Just lime juice is less ok.

3. Get the slaw. The slaw is just cut up cabbage. Green cabbage is required, but can be mixed with some purple cabbage. Just purple cabbage would be yucky. The slaw should make itself on your taco by combining with the adobo sauce. If you don’t have enough sauce on your taco to flavor the cabbage, apply more sauce. A little cilantro is ok here, too.

4. Get the tortillas. ALL tacos should be served in two corn tortillas that have been warmed with oil in a pan. A distant second option is a flour tortilla, and a third option is one corn tortilla.

5. No cheese, no chunky salsa.

Of course, you should drink beer with your fish tacos. One thing I’ve noticed here in the Phoenix area that seems to be also true in California is that Stella Artois is becoming increasingly popular on tap. That is good beer for fish tacos.


2 Responses to “San Diego, part I: Fish Tacos”

  1. pinknest Says:

    “piscine treats.” i like that phrase. and fish tacos is always a good reason to up and move!

  2. Matthew Says:

    your blog makes me hungry.


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