August 30, 2006

In a previous post, I mentioned how we have lately been eating dinosaur-shaped chicken at our house. This is because I purchased an industrial-sized box of them a few months ago, thinking that Tom & Lily would scarf them up. A side effect is that I have been eating them, too. This is what they look like once they’ve been through the toaster oven:

I’m no expert, but I would say that there are two tyrannosaurus rexes flanking two very frightened but resolved stegosauruses.

I ate these for lunch on a tortilla with some red-leafed lettuce and a lemon tahini dressing:

After I wrapped the whole thing up, it looked like this:

In case you were wondering, yes, that is a stegosaurus tail sticking out. He was trying to escape, but they have pea-sized brains, and so he was actually heading deeper into the wrap. It was good, really.


One Response to “Dinochicken!”

  1. Matthew Says:

    It LOOKS tasty! I’m impressed by your ability to take on and consume the king of dinosaurs, the T-Rex.
    Now I’ll be humming the ‘stegasaurous’ song taught to our daughter at UPC CDC in Austin.

    My name is Stegasaurous
    I’m a funny-looking dinorsaur
    My two back legs are very very tall
    My two front legs are small
    My body’s big, my brain is small
    I’m put together wrong.

    Everybody now…

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