Our mega-menu project

September 1, 2006

Alex discovered an online recipe service for harried working parents like us. For 9 bucks you can download this big packet of information that includes 22 recipes. For each of them, you do most of the work ahead of time and put everything in the freezer until you’re ready to eat it. Included is this great big shopping list divided into categories. I’ve been looking through the recipes, and it seems like the basic steps are defrost the packet, cook it, add a couple of side dishes (they suggest which ones).

So tonight after supper we packed up the kids and headed to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients for our 22 meals. They have these carts now that are like race cars. Both of the children cram into the cab of the race car and fight their way through the store with a brief pit stop in the shouting when we get to the bakery, where they may each have one cookie. We bought everything on the list, except for the lamb shanks, which our store didn’t have–not surprising since their meat section is subpar. It all came to $170. So with the side dishes and libations, it’ll probably be around $10 a meal with leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

Sometimes I wish I had the kind of life where after I eat my breakfast in the morning, I then browse my cookbooks to find what I plan to make for dinner. Then I spend a good part of the rest of the day strolling through specialty shops and small markets to get the ingredients and the perfect wine. I cook everything slowly and serenely in the late afternoon, and then we dine to light music and fascinating conversation. Instead, we eat dinochicken (see previous post). I think this frozen meals thing will improve our eats around here while keeping us sane.


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