September 6, 2006

We’ve made three of the 22 recipes in the big freezer project.
1. Fish with cilantro and lime;
2. Crock pot beef with peppers;
3. Meatloaf.

The fish was definitely the best. After defrosting, I grilled it outside. I’m guessing that the marinade frozen with the meat doesn’t actually function when the meat is frozen, but while the meat freezes and as it thaws, the marinade has a long time to penetrate the fish. Very tasty.

The crock pot beef would’ve been better if I’d used better meat in the first place, but this is a budget project. I haven’t had much success with cooking meat in the crock pot–it always seems to get dry and stringy.

I hated meatloaf as a child. Grand dramas and traumas occurred in our household when meatloaf was served, and I devised various ways to dispose of the stuff without eating it. A few times I got away with stuffing my whole serving in my mouth, saying, “I hah to guh to duh bahoom,” and then spitting the whole mess down the toilet. They got wise to that scheme pretty fast, though. After that, I settled for cutting the meatloaf into horsepill-sized chunks and then swallowing them whole with various glasses of milk and water. If I could control the gag reflex, this worked ok. So, I had promised myself long ago that I would never, ever make meatloaf as an adult. But now I’ve done it to stay true to the project. We ate it, too. To tell you the truth, it was just fine. Still not my favorite food, but I guess the weight of adult responsibilities has dulled my tastebuds. That, or everything tastes better when you can eat it with beer. I can’t believe my parents never suggested that–they were pretty desperate to get me to eat meatloaf!


3 Responses to “115758712078163025”

  1. Liz Says:

    Isn’t it funny that Gary, who doesn’t even like beef loves MEATLOAF? Did you ever actually have anything chucked down your gullet? I did. Not a pleasnat experience. I felt about liver the way you did about meatloaf. If I had to, I believe that I could live on chocolate pudding. It is my favorite comfort food.

  2. pinknest Says:

    meatloaf was one of my favorite dishes when i was a kid! and i still think it’s an excellent comfort food.

  3. Brett Says:

    The only good meatloaf that I’ve had is called matambre–they eat it in Argentina. It’s more a of a roulade than American meatloaf. Pinknest, generally you have impeccable food taste, but you’re slipping here…

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