In Support of the Real Ban

September 29, 2006

Here in Arizona, a state with a populist heritage, we have the opportunity to vote in many, many referenda. Sometimes, two referenda make the ballot that oppose each other. We Arizonan voters face such an instance this fall. Proposition 201 (funded by associations that work against smoking) will ban smoking in almost all public places. Proposition 206 (funded by Big Tobacco) will roll back existing bans in many progressive AZ municipalities. For more information, check out this very helpful website.

I hate smoking and am perfectly content to legislate it out of my life. It would be ok with me if smokers were allowed to smoke only in their own homes, and then only when children were not present. I will be voting for Prop. 201. I found out today that if both initiatives pass, the one with the highest number of votes will become law. Unfortunately, Prop. 206 is also presented as a “ban” of sorts. So, anti-smoking folks like me might vote for both of them, thus endangering the passage of Prop. 201. It’s telling to me that R. J. Reynolds would support a fake ban. This seems like a move out of desperation. I can’t wait until they go down.

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