Trick or Treat!

November 1, 2006

Tom and Lily are all tucked away in their beds after an evening of trick-or-treating. Mostly, they hauled in great mounds of candy, though a few neighbors tried to slip in things like baked potato chips, popcorn, and even a pencil. We didn’t see too many older kids out this year, which is good. Tom was definitely into the whole procedure; he was flat out amazed that candy was being handed out at every door.

In the wagon

Here we have the two in the wagon. The wagon kept them spry and ready to go, though it was almost more trouble to get them in and out of it at each house than if we had walked.
Lily the kitty

Lily was a good kitty cat. She managed a couple of “tweet tweets,” (translation: “trick or treat.”)

Thomas the pirate

Tom chose for himself what he wanted to be this year: a pirate. He had it down pretty good with a strong “aarrrrgh!”


Finally, here’s a photo of the jack-o-lanterns that my father-in-law Gary and I carved. His is the baroque scarefest on the left. Mine is the symmetrical and pleasing number on the right. Said Gary, “Your pumpkin looks like a Republican carved it.” Hmm. Harsh words from the only registered Republican in the family.

One house we went to had two facing rows of about 8 old women in wheelchairs all parked out on the sidewalk leading to the front door. They were all wearing smocks with pumpkins on them, and in the back there was a young woman in scrubs. I assumed the place was some sort of private assisted living for the elderly. Tom had rushed ahead of Lily and me to meet the crowd. When we caught up to him, one of the old women said to me, “Do you know whose children these are?” As an adoptive father, I immediately got my hackles up and said firmly that they were mine. But then her eyes wandered into a different memory, and she said something nonsensical to herself. The other old women acted like nothing had happened. She had some sort of dementia.

Tom and Lily are so perfect, I never want their presence to be challenged by anyone for any reason. I felt defensive and even combative before realizing that this woman meant nothing by her comments. Normally I don’t even think about the fact that my children and I don’t look related when we are in public, but for some reason I felt very sensitive this evening.

It was just me, though. Tom and Lily partied until they crashed without any seeming discomfort or worry in the world.


4 Responses to “Trick or Treat!”

  1. Evonne Says:

    I think your pumpkin is very artistic. I’d pick yours hands down. Carving pumpkins would be a fun thing to do at an adult party.

  2. Alex Says:

    I love my babies! Good job, Brett… see you on Friday.

  3. Matt Says:

    Hey Brett, found your new blog. Looks like y’all had fun last night. The rain cleared here so it turned out to be a good night. Only had a handful of trick-or-treaters at our door.

    Tom is getting so big!

  4. sheepdays Says:

    Hi Matt,
    What were the girls this year? Hope you all are well.

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