Refuge & Rejection

November 14, 2006

Since last May, I’ve been working as a research assistant for a couple of history professors here at Arizona State on a new internet project concerning refugees and the humanities. Today, we finally launched the website, which is the heart and soul of the project. Here’s the announcement we sent out:

Announcing a new academic website:

The humanities have not had a common forum for discussion of refugees and forcibly displaced persons. We hope to provide that central place in our new web-based site: “Refuge & Rejection: The Humanities in the Study of Forced Migration.”

“Refuge & Rejection” is an initiative that hopes to fill the need for thoughtful and challenging humanities scholarship on these themes, and to engage your review and participation. Sponsored by the Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University, “Refuge & Rejection” has an international editorial board of scholars interested in the humanities. Our first issue will feature Professor Anna Holian in an essay “Refugees and the Humanities: A Challenge”, along with comments by Howard Adelman and Carl Bon Tempo. Additional essays, portraits, and image galleries will be offered in the coming months. We also provide a wide variety of online links for other resources. We very much encourage comment and submission of work from the humanities on refugees and forced migration..

We invite you to visit the “Refuge & Rejection” website, view the latest contributions and to participate in online forums. Please consider whether your own work might be submitted for peer review and publication.

Visit to find out more.

So far, the site’s had a whole bunch of hits, and a lot of people have signed up to be on our email mailing list. With any luck, we’ll start to get submissions from scholars soon.


2 Responses to “Refuge & Rejection”

  1. alex Says:

    Way to go! Folks, go check out this site.

  2. Well, as of this morning when I checked it, we’re up to 131 page loads, by 85 unique visitors. Not bad for less than 24 hrs. Country list: USA, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Eqypt, Belgium, Australia, Uganda, Israel, Ireland, Malta, Austria, Canada, Mauritius, South Africa, Turkey (in order of most hits).

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