Response to my Jesus Doll letter

November 27, 2006

No responses to my Jesus doll letter were printed in the paper, though I did get a personal one sent through the U.S. Mail to my church. Surprisingly (at least to me), the letter doesn’t address the Jesus doll issue but rather takes the opportunity to criticize faith and religion in general. For your pleasure and comment, I here reproduce the letter as is:

Rev Brett Hendrickson


I read your letter about the Jesus doll.

I was raised Christian, but by age 10 was bright enough to realize that biblical writings were utter nonsense, Fantasy, mysticism and fictional. But in many decades have studied all the major religions.

If I read select verse from the bible at your church, the congregation would collectively mess their pants. Much Of the bible is too nasty to be read before children. If Jesus existed, he was a Jew, no different than other men, except he may have been a religious reformer and a thorn protesting exisiting religious corruption. Jesus was never a Lord nor a King. Thousands of years ago religions competed with kings for control of the people. Religious extremists wanted their own heroes to have equal status with Kings and lords. Thusly, they were called the same.

Hitler didn’t kill 6 millions Jews. It was centuries of racism and hatred by Christian churches that allowed this to happen. It was the Christian church, which killed those Jews, and they had been discriminating against Jews for centuries. The Romans didn’t kill Jesus. Romans paid no attention to local religions. Jewish priests may have ordered the riddance of Jesus, assuming he was in conflict with the church corruption at that time. Then, as now, Religions, slaughter their dissenters. Your church drives dissenters out. There is no freedom of religion within the church. Islam still murders their dissidents and murders non-believers who criticize Islam.

Radical Christian clergy are anti-abortion, anti-birth control. The bible says nothing about abortion, and it was The only widely known means of birth control at that time. Your concordance lists countless legitmate reasons for killing. Review Leviticus. You can slaughter your daughter if she has sex outside of marriage. God was the first to kill off the unborn. I suggest you remind your members of Noah and God. God drowned hundreds of thousands. He drowned all the unborn. The babies, the mothers, all the adults. His killing lust not yet satisfied, he drowned all the unborn animals, the babies, the adults. Maybe we should bring God down here and try him before a jury along with Saddam.

One minister theologian told me that there has been over 3,000 religions and 10,000 gods. I reminded him that no religion has ever produced a god. This is the 21st century, time for all religions to produce their gods before the UN or forever be prohibited from claiming that there are such things. If I sell stock in a gold mine but can’t produce my mine, I would be jailed for fraud. Clerics should also be jailed for the same failure to produce. This is Consumer fraud, extracting millions from the gullible

You have been brainwashed into your own beliefs, reading only the scriptural side. There are several great Skeptic magazines which will provide you with sound arguments against such religious fraud. There are well researched books criticizing both religions and psychics,. I suggest you read some of this. Science and Religion, by Paul Kurtz is great reading. Prometheus Books are great sources of info. You should read Free Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer. Factual magazines. As a Christian cleric, you should be running scared. I doubt that you have read Islam. It repeatedly states that Muslims are to slaughter all non-believers until there are no more, wherever you can find them, especially Jews and Christians.


I have decided not to respond because I don’t think that the letter writer and I are having the same conversation. I find his depiction of Islam especially ignorant and troubling, but other than that, I don’t really disagree with him that the Bible is full of scary and confusing stuff, that I’ve never produced scientific proof of God, that the Bible doesn’t talk about abortion or birth control, and that Christians are historically responsible for many atrocities such as the Holocaust. It’s funny that we can sort of agree on these basic points while being so fundamentally and diametrically not on the same page.

3 Responses to “Response to my Jesus Doll letter”

  1. Gruntled Says:

    Alister McGrath assures us that now is the Twilight of Atheism, to take his interesting book of that title. It seems to me that the intellectual arguments for atheism are getting more simplistic at a time when the intellectual arguments for Christianity are getting more sophisticated.

  2. sheepdays Says:

    Thanks, Gruntled, for your comment and book suggestion. You know, as a pastor, I don’t really feel like I’m even in the business of making intellectual arguments for faith. That’s why this letter came as such a surprise!

  3. Jan Says:

    uh, wow.
    You are right not to respond. Blessings on your head.

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