“Presbyteriana”–a new word on the web

January 9, 2007


One of the tags/categories that I use for my posts is “presbyteriana.” It’s become sort of a wide category that includes posts on theological issues, my church in Guadalupe, or other confessional topics.

If you search for the word “presbyteriana,” on Google, the page of results shows that I am one of the major users of the word. The other users are Spanish- and Portuguese speaking Presbyterian churches who are using the feminine adjectival form of the word. For example: Spanish–iglesia presbyteriana; and Portuguese–igreja presbyteriana. However, both of these uses are incorrect; the correct spelling in both languages is prebiteriana (note that the “y” is replaced by an “i”). So, you might say that, in most cases, this blog is the one place where the new word “presbyteriana” is being used correctly (as defined by me, the majority-user-and-claimer of the word).


3 Responses to ““Presbyteriana”–a new word on the web”

  1. Marcia Bonta Says:

    Nice graphics!

    Just yesterday, assigning categories in my mother’s new blog, I was seriously considering the neologism Pennsylvaniana. It looked too much like a typo, though!

  2. Alex Says:

    I am so proud, darling.

  3. sheepdays Says:

    I was surprised to learn that Benedict read my blog, but he’s a surprising guy. I say go with Pennsylvaniana!

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