Refugee Art Gallery

February 5, 2007

I’ve mentioned here before that I am a research associate for a project at Arizona State University called “Refuge & Rejection.”  We provide an online forum for discussion and publication about forced migration from a humanities perspective.  Our talented webmaster (a fellow grad student) has recently added to our main site an art gallery that features art that in some way touches on the refugee experience.  One of the exciting things about this art gallery is that it is in blog format.  This means that you can subscribe to its feed and make comments on the images.  I hope that you will do just that.  To visit the new gallery, click here.


7 Responses to “Refugee Art Gallery”

  1. adan Says:

    Profund pics

  2. adan Says:

    ooops, I meant profound

  3. Dave Bonta Says:

    Interesting. The WordPress theme is adapted from the one I use, Modern, but Nina Kulhawy changed the colors and renamed it ASUmodern. I should take inspiration from this and meddle with my own stylesheet a bit more. Or at least steal Kulhawy’s design!

    (Off topic. Sorry.)

  4. Dave Bonta Says:

    I should explain that this is interesting to me because Modern isn’t a widely used theme; I’m pleased that your designer found and liked it.

    The project in question looks very promising indeed.

  5. Dave Bonta Says:

    Uh, one more thing: I think y’all have a typo in the blog description – “An on-line discussion of the issusing facing refugees and displaced persons.”

  6. sheepdays Says:

    Hi Adan and Dave. Thanks for your comments and for checking out our stuff. I’ll let my webmaster colleague know about the typo. I’ll pass on the compliment to him about the choice of the Modern theme as well. ASU gives you some choices of templates, and he picked that one out.

  7. Thanks for the link. The paintings will be something I keep going back to view.


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