Coffee Art

February 21, 2007

This is totally awesome. I want to try it myself.


5 Responses to “Coffee Art”

  1. Gerrit Says:

    Did you get any work done today? If I had the stuff I would have been creating all day.

  2. sheepdays Says:

    I have an espresso machine, so I figure I will try it soon. Mostly I don’t want to make too much at once because I will feel compelled to drink everything I make! I’ve got some ideas for designs. If anything turns out, I’ll post pictures.

  3. sheepdays Says:

    If you want to see my first kind of feeble attempt at making these designs in my coffee at home, click on the following:


  4. Evonne Says:

    Good job. Oh to have a latta right now.

  5. Alex Says:

    Good job, honey! Glad to know you are working hard.

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