The Spaghetti War

March 9, 2007

Today, March 9, 2007, a battle royale between spaghetti and my children took place. Bibs were of no use; clothes were shed in favor of raw and primal attack. In the early part of the battle, it seemed like Tom and Lily had the upper hand, but no clear winner could be predicted.


By the end of the meal, the spaghetti and kids together were starting to look rough. When actual bodies were counted, two wiggly children remained. The spaghetti had been completely annihilated.



Spaghetti, in retreat, shouted that it would return another day…

4 Responses to “The Spaghetti War”

  1. Liz Says:

    Remember the old saying, “Eat it, or wear it”? Sometimes you can do both. You forgot to say, and, according to your children, that it was the most scrumptious spaghetti in the world, and that Tom and Lily were delerious in it’s consumption.

  2. adan Says:

    Que ninos ta bellos! felicidades hermanos!

  3. Kryna Says:

    I know what to make if they come to my house!

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