April 16, 2007

I was tagged by We Do It Too:  name 6 things that are weird about you.

1.  I have a freaky tolerance for reading boring material.

2.  I’ll eat them to be polite or for their nutritional value, but I don’t really like raw tomatoes, even fresh from somebody’s garden.

3.  The  middle toes on both my feet are a little shorter than the two adjacent toes.

4.  I’d be ok with it if cellphones became illegal because they found that they actually cause brain cancer.   You may think this isn’t weird, but the woman who tagged me will think it is very, very weird.

5.   Even though I got good grades in math in high school, I can barely do it now, especially percentages.

6.  I have never voted for a winning presidential candidate.  (Nader, Nader, Kerry)  I think this is sort of a personal policy now:  I vote only for losers.

6 Responses to “Weird”

  1. Alex Says:

    Glad you are my loser, honey. LOL

  2. Mary Scriver Says:

    Research seems to indicate that the real tragedy of cell phones is that they cause all the bees to lose their way — they cannot navigate back to the hive and they die. This appears to be the reason that so many hives have been found empty except for the queen and larvae this spring.

    Now — cell phones or bees?

    Prairie Mary

  3. sheepdays Says:

    I vote for the bees!

  4. Alex Says:

    Crap. I love bees AND I love my cell phone.

  5. kryna Says:

    That all isn’t so weird…. great post!

  6. […] been interrupted.&8221 … I was tagged by We Do It Too:&160 name 6 things that are weird about you. Big Adventure: John Day Fossil Beds – KTVZI think it is very weird,&quot said Matt Smith as […]

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