Finally, somebody understands

April 21, 2007

I officiated at a wedding yesterday evening at a fancy event venue styled to look like a Tuscan villa.  The bride’s family had spared no expense in making the event memorable and swanky.  I was miked by the DJ, a real professional guy who had me do a sound check and everything.  He helped me clip on the lapel mike and tuck the transmitter behind my stole and in the cincture of my alb.  And the sound during the service was clear and at a perfect volume.

Then, after the service, the DJ uttered the best comment that has EVER been paid to me at a religious function.  He came to take my mike off, and he said, “That was great.  You sounded like a rock star!”

Thanks to the DJ for being the one to finally notice how much I rock.

7 Responses to “Finally, somebody understands”

  1. Songbird Says:

    Heeheehee. Why do I love this so much?

  2. Dave Bonta Says:

    It’s when the rock stars begin to sound like preachers that I’ll get worried.

  3. sheepdays Says:

    Songbird, I guess you love it because you can imagine just how NOT a rock star I am, especially in my vestments at a wedding!

    What, Dave, not ready to put your soul’s fate in Bono’s hands?

  4. Songbird Says:

    I just started using a flesh-colored, Madonna-style microphone that hooks over my ear and lies along my cheek. It is WAY too rock star for me, in or out of vestments!

  5. Mary Scriver Says:

    When I returned to preaching briefly last Sunday and this Sunday, I was disconcerted to realize that the clip-on mike I was asked to use was gender-specific. Men’s shirts lap left-over-right, women’s blouses lap right over left. If I used the clip properly on my blouse, it was up-side-down! Today I got smart and wore a jacket that doesn’t lap at all — but the batteries were worn out and the mike didn’t work.

    Ah, well. I just walked down and stood with the people.

    Prairie Mary

  6. sheepdays Says:

    My wife, also a pastor, has had this same problem. She has also noted that unless you wear something with a belt under your robe (if you vest), there is often nothing on women’s clothes to which to clip the receiver. I know that pastoring is often a man’s club, but I wouldn’t think that mike users are all male.

  7. Harold Ragan Says:

    Hello friend,

    It has been so very long. This story has somehow reminded me of our youthful adventures in the glorious and remarkably nurturing community of Pyatt, Arkansas. I have been feeling a calling to visit with you again soon. You, my friend, are probably the biggest reason I have an unwavering faith in God and that has filtered into my wonderful family. Inspiration comes to us in so many varying forms, but our experiences as children continue to shape us as we mature. Whenever there was an issue you couldn’t resolve on your own, you always displayed your faith by turning to God and it didn’t go unnoticed. You are a blessing. God moves through you and I can still feel that across all these miles. I hope to speak with you soon.

    Peace my brother,

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