Woody Allen interviews Billy Graham

May 21, 2007

From Your Daily Awesome comes this interview. (It’s in two parts.)

I believe many, if not all, of the things that Billy Graham is saying, and I find him to be urbane and funny. But ultimately, Woody Allen is a much more sympathetic character. I could never be Billy Graham–and not only because my hair is not good enough. I probably can’t be Woody Allen either, but my faith is so much more neurotic and fidgety than the confident stridency of Graham.

2 Responses to “Woody Allen interviews Billy Graham”

  1. Little Mary Says:

    You really believe all of what Billy Graham said? Interesting…would love to hear more of your analysis. Thanks for posting this. Very fun to watch.

  2. sheepdays Says:

    I guess not all; I’m not surprised but still disappointed that he starts by talking about premarital sex. But his promise to Allen that God would be better for him than anything else is something I do believe. But I believe just as much what Allen says: “I find that hard to believe when I get up in the morning and look in the mirror.”

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