May 26, 2007

A little bourgeois dream of mine has been to have a house with a backyard on a street with other houses with backyards. For most of my life I have lived in trailer houses, apartments, or condos, and so I have been immensely pleased with our suburban house and yard. I’ve mowed twice, trimmed the hedges, and pulled weeds. I’ve got a garage with a remote door opener. I have a big black trash toter and recycling bins that I put out once a week on the curb. I have met our neighbors; one brought us treats our first week here while the other brought a stack of touristy information and a couple of phone books. I suppose it’s shallow to want these things, and transparent as to why I want them, but so be it. I continue to work out my salvation with fear and trembling–but now I have a yard!

For family and interested friends, I thought I would share some photos I took early this evening of flora and fauna in the backyard.

Here’s my cat, Bev. She is new to outdoor living and seems to enjoy it.

bev in roses




And a couple others.


backyard sky

Hope you like these. If you need me, I’ll be out in the garage listening to Beethoven in my Toyota.




8 Responses to “Backyard”

  1. Alex Says:

    I like these photos! You’ve done a great job with the yard.

  2. Evonne Says:

    Great pictures, Brett. Looks like a beautiful place. Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

  3. LambSoup Says:

    When I was recently in an airport in Fancy Europe, I picked up an interesting British magazine called Psychologies that contained several articles about guilt. Experts agree that bouge-ing it in the burbs ain’t worth feeling real guilty over, so enjoy it, Man. Now, if you were to hunt down Bev, skin her, brown her, braise her, and feed her to your fambly, that would be appropriately guilt-inducing, so don’t do that.

    You would like haggis, chief ingredients of which are chopped lamb lungs and eyeballs. Truth be told: it’s really tasty.

    How close do you guys live to the Dixie Truckers Home? That could make for a fine fambly outing. It’s truck stop with a museum!

  4. Alex Says:


    About 150 miles from the Dixie Truckers…

    The rabbit was *okay*… but I did feel a little guilty.

  5. sheepdays Says:

    Gracias, Lamb Soup for the words of assuagement. I’m mostly too pleased with my “man in his castle” feelings to get too guilted out. The rabbit was double-d licious.

  6. Little Mary Says:

    i love you so much dear, and love thinking of you tending your yard. so grateful today you found alex and your children and your obsessive behaviors that make you you and the best catch in the world.

  7. sheepdays Says:

    Thanks, Little Mary. I needed that.

  8. Belinda Says:

    Looks like a beautiful place Brett – Mike is gone this week and I am tending to his two vegetable gardens and I too am enjoying it very much – even mowed today also – great to hear you are all adjusting well!! Love to all!!!

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