Published article!

May 29, 2007

A colleague of mine and I have just had an article published on the online journal Refuge & Rejection. If you like scholarly articles, check it out. After you click on this link, I encourage you to click on the “html” version of the full text for the more creative lay-out of the article. For a more straight-forward read, which includes the two comments from Drs. Poethig and Saunders, click on the “pdf.” The two comments are also available in “html” format from this introduction page.

And, yes, this is my first published article!  Academia here I come!


10 Responses to “Published article!”

  1. Alex Says:

    I am very impressed!

  2. john shuck Says:

    Congratulations, Brett!

    I will check it out when I have some to time to absorb it. Hey, I didn’t mean to be nosy when I asked where you guys were. I understand if you wish to keep that to yourself. Normal, IL just rang a bell.

    Again, congratulations! I bet you will be publishing many more!

  3. Dave Bonta Says:

    Hmm. I could’ve sworn I left a comment here yesterday…

  4. sheepdays Says:

    Hi Dave, not sure what happened. No comment came through, including in the “dashboard” area.

  5. Dave Bonta Says:

    Well, no big loss. All I said was Congratulations, and i hope it’s the first of many.

  6. Liz Says:

    Brett, Congratulations! This is quite a milestone.

  7. Evonne Says:

    Congratulations, Brett. I hope you can get published often.

  8. Ale Says:

    Brett, I read the article and enjoyed it very much. It made me think of East Timor becoming increasingly Catholic after the Indonesian invasion and how the topics of persecution, resistance, E.Timor made me feel more in Latin America than in Asia. Religion was always an important element of this conflict, of the diaspora and return after independence.

    Congratulations on publishing! I took note of several interesing references that relate to my own research project (if I get into the PhD program, that is).

  9. sheepdays Says:

    Ale, East Timor is a great example. I can’t remember the name of the bishop there, but I seem to recall that he was an important voice and advocate during the struggle for independence. I don’t know if you saw the other article in Refuge & Rejection–it was a photo essay with background info by Jonathan Moller concerning Internally Displaced Persons in your Guatemala.

    Where are you applying to PhD programs? What is your field, anthropology?

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