First Homebrew in a Decade

June 5, 2007

When I was in college, I bought a homebrew beer kit and made several batches of good to fair beer. Through many moves and other disasters, I lost all of my homebrew equipment. But this year, for Fathers’ Day (early), Alex gave me a fully tricked out set up, and I’m back to making homebrew. This first batch is a brown ale and will hopefully be somewhat similar to Newcastle.

First I steeped some cracked grains in an insulated cooler:


Here’s some pictures of the equipment–a carboy for fermenting the beer, a bucket for some all-purpose mixing and straining, and the stewpot Alex got for me a few years ago:



After the grains steeped, I boiled up the wort on the stove, adding some malt extract. The floating things you see are hops:


After boiling the wort, I transferred the baby beer into the carboy and moved the whole business out to the garage to ferment. Yeah, that’s five gallons of beer:


In a few weeks, I plan to bottle the beer in Heineken bottles (I’ll post about that, too, if I remember to take pictures). Here’s a picture of the brewmaster getting one of the bottles ready to go:


If you’re around here in about a month, you are invited to share the final product.


9 Responses to “First Homebrew in a Decade”

  1. Are you allowed to mail the stuff across state lines? 🙂


  2. sheepdays Says:

    Maybe, especially if I can get some of that polenta and asparagus mailed this way!!

  3. Evonne Says:

    We may have to take you up on that offer. We hope to stop in on our way to or from MI in August when we go up there for a show. Can’t wait to see you all. I’ll keep you posted before that all happens.

  4. sheepdays Says:

    That’d be great–we’d love to see you!

  5. Little Mary Says:

    oh, i miss you! Brings back memories…i wish i could post that photo of us i have brewing at 3 a.m. with a tea cozy on our head.

  6. sheepdays Says:

    Yeah, I have a copy of that picture too. I’m wearing a Boca Juniors soccer jersey and I think I’m wearing a little knit beanie, and you’ve got the tea cozy on your head with two wooden spoons sticking out like rabbit ears or Martian antennas. Good times.

  7. Charles Says:

    What’s the difference between a Baptist and a Presbyterian?

    The Baptist keeps his beer in the crisper drawer of the ‘fridge in case company comes by and opens it up.

  8. Dave Bonta Says:

    12-oz bottles? I’d be careful with that. I’ve broken a couple in bottling, because the glass was too thin. So these days I stick with pounders.

  9. […] 16th, 2007 I already got my Fathers’ Day presents, but I did a fatherly thing today in preparation for tomorrow. We bought Tom & Lily a backyard […]

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