Homebrew Update

June 17, 2007

The beer outfit was a Fathers’ Day gift, and I bottled today as well to make this a delicious Fathers’ Day Ale. Here are the empty bottles sanitized and ready to be filled with excellent homemade beer:


This next photo shows the carboy of fermented wort. You can see the thick layer of yeast sediment that has grown in the beer. The newspaper I was using to sop up excess water on the counter coincidentally featured a fascinating and promising note about some of my nearby competition.

ready to rack

Here are the fifty full bottles, put away in a closet to condition in the bottle for a couple of weeks before they’re totally ready to chill and enjoy.


By 4th of July, it should be ready!


14 Responses to “Homebrew Update”

  1. Little Mary Says:

    save me a bottle!!!

  2. john shuck Says:

    Awesome! How far away are you folks from me? I do love the homemade brew. Obviously, your children love you a great deal.

  3. Evonne Says:

    Looking good. Do they ever explode? I remember making root beer one time in that first house we lived in, in AR. We put the bottles in a storage room off the kitchen and they started to explode one by one. You would hear this loud bang and you really didn’t dare go in there because you never knew when the next one was going to go off.

  4. Liz Says:

    Fifty bottles of beer on the floor,
    Fifty bottles of beer.
    Pick one up and pass it around,
    Fifty bottles of beer on the floor.
    Forty-nine bottles of beer on the floor,
    Forty-nine bottles of beer.
    Pick one up and pass it around,
    Forty-nine bottles of beer on the floor.
    (to be continued, hee,hee,hee)

  5. sheepdays Says:

    LM, will do–are you coming this way sometime soon?

    Hi John, we’re a good clip from you here in the St. Louis area, but it might be worth it!

    Evonne, I have heard of bottles exploding sometimes, but only if you are not doing it right. Commercial beer is carbonated with regular old carbonation units. Homebrew like this is carbonated natural by adding a little sugar to the bottled beer. The residual yeast eats the sugar, making a little more alcolhol and carbon dioxide. Since the bottles are capped tightly, that CO2 can’t escape and carbonates the beer. If you add to much sugar at the end, then, your bottles can kablooey.

    Arrrrgh, Liz, that be a good song ye be reelin’ out.

  6. If I atart driving now. . .


  7. I’ve got to mailorder some brewing supplies and start making beer again. You’ve made me thirsty!

  8. sheepdays Says:

    Evonne, I realized my comment might’ve sounded like I was saying you didn’t know how to make root beer, and that’s why your bottles exploded. I wasn’t trying to say this–I don’t know anything about how to make root beer!

    Man, I better get started on a second batch if all y’all come!

  9. Alex Says:


    I used MapQuest and it looks like you could be here within 8-10 hours, depending on how fast you drive. 🙂

  10. Liz Says:

    Brett, I plan on teaching the rest of that song to Tom and Lily.

  11. Evonne Says:

    I didn’t think that at Brett. Root beer and real beer are two different arts. But I don’t know what happened to that batch. The ones that did not explode tasted great.

  12. Charles Says:

    An early happy Fourth of July to you!

    Just out of curiousity, I looked up “He Brews” 7/4. It reads: “Just think how great he was: Even the patriarch Abraham gave him a tenth of the plunder!”

    Knowing how important it is to you to literally interpret holy writ, I ask, “Are you holding out five bottles for Melchizedek?”

  13. sheepdays Says:

    That’s great! I guess you could say that my beer is 11-proof texting.

  14. ale Says:

    Brett, discupá que te ponga este mensaje en post, es que no encontré tu email mencionado en tu blog. Quería pedirte permiso para poner tu respuesta a tu último comentario como “post invitado” y no sólo como comentario. Me encantó. alecolom@gmail.com

    About the beer…:-) a very good friend of mine brews in Antigua. He brings his stuff from the States and your post made me crave this one particular brew that he called the “banana beer.” Doesn’t sound too tasty but it really was!

    Have you ever come up with an unexpected but good result?

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