Homebrew Results

June 28, 2007


The beer is ready. Its flavor has pronounced grain, not too hoppy, with a good head. It is clean and balanced. I’ve got another 5 gallon batch fermenting, so we’ll need to keep focused on freeing up bottles.

8 Responses to “Homebrew Results”

  1. Alex Says:

    God, you are so goofy. I love this photo.

  2. Dave Bonta Says:

    “we’ll need to keep focused on freeing up bottles”
    Count on a minister to make drinking a shit-load of beer sound like a moral imperative! 🙂

  3. Charles Says:

    That HAS to be a “post taste test” glaze in your eye!

  4. sheepdays Says:

    I like that talk of “moral imperative”! And yes, there might have been some post-test; as you can see, one of the glasses has been sampled. 😉

  5. Matt Says:

    Brett, Thanks for the comments on Bella’s blog. How the heck are you doing? I had checked on your brew back when you were just getting started, but I forgot to check back. What is the alcohol content % on those bad boys? : -)

  6. Liz Says:

    Save some for Bumpa.

  7. sheepdays Says:

    Hey Matt! We’re doing pretty well. The alcohol in this batch is about 5.5%, so not too far from most beer. What it has more of is totally awesome flavor!

  8. Lanette Says:

    Very cute, Enjoy. When I read Homebrew in the title it reminded me there is a coffee house in one of the large churches in Harrison and it is called Hebrews. I just got the biggest thrill out of that.

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