Cowboy Tom sings for you

July 9, 2007

This evening, our power was out for three hours as a result of a hailstorm. Not to be outdone by the weather, we set ourselves to taking photos and videos on the back porch. Lately, my son Tom has been in a very patriotic summer program at Alex’s church. I’m generally uncomfortable with patriotic displays, especially at church, as I find them idolatrous. But I’ll make an exception this time due to Tom’s exceedingly cute innocence.

I guess I forgot to mention that Tom is a baseball-playin’, no-shirt-wearin’ cowboy.





You’ll have to turn your head sideways for this one:


11 Responses to “Cowboy Tom sings for you”

  1. Belinda Says:

    Awesome blog Brett – it’s great to see you and your children and keep up with them – thanks for sharing and glad to hear you are getting settled in your new home – looks like a great place to be at this time for you – love to you all!!

  2. LambSoup Says:

    That kid’s gonna make a patriot of me yet.

  3. LambSoup Says:

    P.S. When Tom takes his show on the road, he could call it The Patriot Act.

  4. Matthew Says:

    love the tummy percussion on ‘Grand Ol’ Flag’! very nice.

  5. ale Says:

    Perfect attire, too.

  6. pollyannasunshine Says:

    dying laughing and from excessive cuteness. Am totally with you on both weirdness of church-related patriotic displays and fact that Tom is clearly capable of making me completely forget about that. And I can’t believe how grown up he’s gotten!

  7. sheepdays Says:

    Hi Belinda. Thanks!
    LambSoup, I know you are a patriot and that you’ll gladly stand up.
    Tummy percussion and his outfit do sort of make the show!
    PA–he is getting huge. One measure of his growth has been the quality of the crafts he brings home from pre-school. We’re moving out of the era in which the teacher basically does it all then puts his name on it. We’ve gotten some real Tom-made gems recently.

  8. Liz Says:

    Tom is, has, and I truly believe will always be one of the most optimistic people on Planet Earth. You follow Tom around and sunshine follows him like a spotlight. He is totally incapable of being unhappy for long, because that boing-boing happiness just bursts out, and you saw it in those songs. Tom, Nana adores you.

  9. Alex Says:

    My boy is so darling!

  10. pollyannasunshine Says:

    Yes, as a lover of sunshine I think Tom is the bomb! The only time I have ever seen him not shining is when he was having a blood sugar crash, and a very tiny box of raisins (which are, of course, basically tiny nuggets of stored solar power) fixed him right up in about two minutes. 🙂

  11. Lanette Says:

    What a little Dollie. I love the enthusiasm that flows so freely from children.

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