Another reason to hate Wal-Mart

August 2, 2007

It turns out that Wal-Mart pays teenagers $0/hr. to “volunteer” in their stores in Mexico. (Read full story here.)

Gosh, I wonder why there are so many people emigrating from Mexico to the U.S.

The long-term solution to our immigration has been and continues to be international economic reform, creation of real jobs in developing countries, and the end of so-called “free trade” zones, which facilitate the expansion of exploitative supergiants like Wal-Mart.


5 Responses to “Another reason to hate Wal-Mart”

  1. ale Says:

    Well, I read the article, felt angry, remembered some stories kids I worked with in Baltimore would tell me about Wal-mart, got angrier, but I was still ok. Then…I made the mistake of reading the comments and felt sad for the world. So much misplaced anger, frustration, racism, etc.

    Loved the Wal marx poster.

  2. sheepdays Says:

    I didn’t look at the comments–sounds like I should be glad I didn’t!

  3. Little Mary Says:

    huh? volunteer? i. just. don’t. understand.

  4. LambSoup Says:

    I’m too stoned on the opium of the masses to comprehend what you’re saying, man.

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