Hi to Mom

August 9, 2007

My wife has been out-of-town all week at a conference. She emailed today asking if I would put up some new pictures of our kids. We made vests out of paper bags this morning. They started as space suits and since have become cowboy outfits–though Lily’s has mostly been more for waving around.

hi to mom

paper cowboy and sis

5 Responses to “Hi to Mom”

  1. Alex Says:

    Thank you! I am happy to see they look clean and well-fed. Cool vests! I love you all.

  2. LittleMary Says:

    Tom seems to have something for being a cowboy…hmmm.

  3. Liz Says:

    What gorgeous children, and an especially cool shirt on Mr. Tom.

  4. LambSoup Says:

    Have they been singing “It’s a Grand Old Bag”?

    Hey, come to think of it, that would be a pretty good name for me.

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