I realize you don’t want to see more pictures of my new dog,

August 30, 2007

but I’ve never felt this way about a dog. I’m not expecting comments or anything; I just feeling very evangelical about this particular dog, like I need to share.

parsley becky

flat dog

tom and becky

And for someone who knows next to nothing about taking pictures, this one came out real nice:

dog nose

I’ll try to restrain myself from posting more, but you have to admit, this is an unusually terrific dog.


15 Responses to “I realize you don’t want to see more pictures of my new dog,”

  1. Charles Says:

    And Alex said you weren’t a dog person…yeah, right. You just didn’t THINK you were a dog person. You’re WHIPPED, man. Welcome to the club.

  2. Little Mary Says:

    well. she really is darling. really quite darling. i can’t wait to snuggle with her next week if she will let me:)

  3. Joy Says:

    I absolutely do want to see more pictures but I also think you need to share her in person. 🙂 My family and I are itching to come see her. Let me know when Becky is ready for visitors. I promise we will leave the wild Izzy at home.

  4. Oh, she’s adorable. Thanks for sharing your new puppy with all of us. Enjoy her! Love the third picture, btw.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with sharing pictures and your love of a new family member! She’s beautiful and so are your pictures.

  6. sheepdays Says:

    Thanks, you all, for more kind comments about the dog.
    Charles–whipped is about right, but I think it’s still localized, i.e., I think I like only this dog.
    LM–she’s pretty cuddly, if you don’t mind some wiggling.
    Joy, please come and see her soon!
    dandelionsalad & lovesleftovers–Welcome to Sheep Days! I hope you’ll subscribe and come again.

  7. zorra Says:

    So is so beautiful. Post all the pictures you want; I’ll enjoy every one.

  8. zorra Says:

    That should be, “she”. But you knew that.

  9. Liz Says:

    She looks like Josephine, and Alexandra says she has her sweet disposition. No wonder you love her.

  10. funnyoldlife Says:

    Lots more pictures please, she is lovely. My mom says she’s never been a dog person either, and she grew up scared of dogs. I’ve totally changed her attitude (just towards me!). Happy days 🙂


  11. ppb Says:

    Alex has been holding back on her blog! Now I know where to go to find the canine pics. That last one is amazing!

  12. Tinman Says:

    You say you know nothing about Photography. Well, you’ve done a great job. The point of view shot of her on the deck was wonderful. One tip though: The key to close up photography like that is to focus on the eyes.

    Nice work! Great dog!

  13. Neva Says:

    our first dog as a married couple was Molly the bassett hound. We had her for 11 wonderful years and she was a great dog…..Post as many pictures as you would like….it is wonderful to see them! Thanks for sharing.
    BTW, the little guy is pretty darn cute, too!!!

  14. […] our basset hound, is almost 4 months old and has more than doubled her weight since we got her at 8 weeks old. She continues to be a good companion for us and is learning some of the ways of the world. Here […]

  15. Don’t feel bad, I have web sites and dogs and everything else you can think of that is Bassett Hounds related…

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