June 20, 2007

My name is Brett Hendrickson, and “Sheep Days” is my blog.  I don’t consider this blog to be full of fine writing or anything like that; I think of it more as a creative (and sometimes intellectual) outlet and as a way to keep in touch with friends and family.

I am a doctoral student at Arizona State University in the Religious Studies department.  My dissertation research has to do with religious healing and cultural contact between Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and Anglo Americans in the U.S.-Mexico border region.  I’m especially interested in folk saints, curanderismo, transcultural “medicine,” popular devotions, and conceptions of power.

I am married to Alex, and we have two children, Thomas and Lily.   Alex is the associate pastor of a large Presbyterian church in southwestern Illinois, where we live.  Coincidentally, I am also an ordained Presbyterian minister.  When we lived in Arizona, I served Guadalupe Presbyterian Church, a bilingual congregation.  Many of the best posts in “Sheep Days,” in my opinion, have to do with my time with the Guadalupe church.  Currently, I don’t serve a church and am hoping to some day be a college professor after  I finish my degree.