June 6, 2007

There is an outdoor goods brand called North Face. South of the border, they are known as Sur Face.

The ur-face of humanity is probably not like mine; it is probably that of a young Chinese woman.

Whose face was it? Surface. No, sizface.

Ace furs. What was the first death in the Bible? Some animal either died of natural causes or at the hand of God to provide furs for the fallen Adam and Eve. Genesis 3:21–“And the Lord God made garments of skins for the man and for his wife, and clothed them.”

The adjective of the noun “surface” is “superficial.” American GIs are dopegficial.



June 3, 2007

What is an ox but a hug and a kiss?

I read of a man who spent all winter in a cave because he had the flux.

“Lum” (of Lum and Abner) was possibly short for “Lummox,” but no one knows for sure.

Once when I was walking in the rain, a line kept repeating itself in my mind: “Don’t flummox the flum, don’t flummox the flum, don’t flummox the flum.”